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Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Original price was: $35.85.Current price is: $23.90.

Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Original price was: $35.85.Current price is: $23.90.


Do your wrist and hand hurt from computer use? It’s nothing new; holding your hand in the same position and making repetitive movements with the computer mouse can strain your hand.


Professional Vertical Mouse – Shoperbreeze


So what’s the solution? Our wireless & wrist-friendly Vertical Ergonomic Mouse will hold your hand in a “handshake position,” preventing your forearm from twisting and keeping it neutral, healthy, and comfortable. What’s more, the “forward” & “backward” buttons on the mouse allow fast browsing/navigation! 


Enjoy pain-free workdays or gaming sessions, order The Vertical Ergonomic Mouse!

Vertical Ergonomic Mouse


✓  Ergonomic design that is used vertically, unlike ordinary mouses, to keep your hand neutral and in a healthy position.

✓  High-quality plastic material that is soft to the touch and fits the hand perfectly to bring maximum comfort.


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✓  Wireless with USB receiver; you won’t deal with tangle and get annoyed by it while working/gaming.

✓  1600dpi for laptop or desktop so you can take it with you to work and boost your performance.


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✓  Adjustable DPI setting that allows you to adjust speed while using it.

✓  Easy to use with smart connectivity (photoelectric sensor system, forward, backward, DPI switch button, scroller, left/right buttons); no need to for code, just plug and play.


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✓  Specifications :

Material: Plastic

Color: Black

Power supply: 2 x AAA batteries (not included)



Vertical Ergonomic Mouse_0014_img_3_Wireless_Mouse_Vertical_Gaming_Mouse_USB.jpg

✓ Package list :

1* Wireless Mouse

1* USB Receiver




Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

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