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Super Absorbent Car Towel

Original price was: $37.80.Current price is: $18.90.

Super Absorbent Car Towel

Original price was: $37.80.Current price is: $18.90.


If you let air dry your car, you’re in for some dust and mud! If you wipe it with an ordinary towel, you’re in for some lint and smudges. So what do you do? Use the Super Absorbent Car Towel that is made of premium microfiber material,  leaving zero residues.




It’s super soft, absorbent, and will leave your car clean without scratching the mirrors or surfaces. Your dusty car deserves a towel made just for it! Order your towel!

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✓ One towel can dry an entire car.

✓ Absorbs more water than traditional towels.


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✓ Sponge-like, dries the whole car easily.

✓ Say goodbye to streaks and smears on your windows.

Made of suede and coral velvet materials, you can wipe water stains with coral velvet and dust with suede.


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Material: Suede, Coral Velvet

Color: Gray, Red

Size: 30×40


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1 x Super AbsorbeSuper Absorbent Car Towel

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