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Charging Car Storage Box

Original price was: $74.98.Current price is: $49.99.

Charging Car Storage Box

Original price was: $74.98.Current price is: $49.99.


Is there chaos in your car that prevents you from driving peacefully? You can solve the mess while charging FIVE different devices at the same time.


Charging Car Storage Box


We are talking about The Charging Car Storage Box, a small life-saver that comes with built-in iOS, Android & Type C USB with two other USB ports to charge everyone’s phones! The cables are adjustable and long enough to reach the back seat, and there is enough space to keep everything easy to maintain while driving.


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3 Built-in charging wires for iOS, Android, and Type C that provide quick charging for any device you have.

2 USB ports for extra devices to charge.

Adjustable charging cable to help you maintain the length of the cable and reach the back seat too.


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Car organizer as it helps fill the gap to provide additional storage space in your car for your wallet, credit cards, etc.

No more mess or clutter while filling all gaps to prevent anything from falling between the seats.


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Durable ABS + PC material that promises a long lifespan.

Safe use to ensure you are driving and sitting comfortably in your car.


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Specifications :

Material: ABS+PC
Fit for: right and left seat

Type: 3 charging wires and 2 USB ports


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Package List :

1* Charging Car Storage Box




Charging Car Storage Box

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