Portable Air Cooler

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Portable Air Cooler

The summer heat seems to increase every year more than the year before, and installing an air conditioner requires too much work and a lot of money for it to work only in one area. Let alone how much noise it causes and how much it increases your electricity bills!


Portable Air Cooler


Be smarter and more prepared this year with our Portable Air Cooler! This Compact Air Cooler is portable, energy saver, and multifunctional as it will make sure to fan, humidify, and purify the air without making any noise. Plus, the Air Cooler features an aroma diffuser to let you add the scent of your favorite essential oil to your home. Simply fill the large tank with water that will be automatically cleansed from all bacteria, connect it to a USB power supply, and enjoy the gentle breeze cools!

With our Air Cooler, you will end your sufferance of sweat-dripping all summer!

Portable Air Cooler


✓  The Portable Air Cooler will keep you from dealing with the summer heat anywhere you go.

✓  3 in 1 design as the air cooler will fan, humidify, and purify the air in your house.

✓  3 fan speed modes & adjustable wind direction to make sure you are cooled down right.

✓  Aromatherapy feature as it has an aroma diffuser to add a great scent of your choice to your home.

✓  Blue-light bacteriostatic air cooler that kills all bacteria in the water.

✓  Leak-proof air cooler with a large water tank to get rid of the dirty, hot air all day long.


Portable Air Cooler


✓  High-quality, energy-saving & environmental protection to decrease your electricity bills and provide a healthy lifestyle.

✓  Soft LED light with 7 color lights option to create the atmosphere you like.

✓  Ultra-quiet air conditioner to not cause any disturbance when you are working or sleeping.

✓  Carry the compact & Portable Air Cooler with you anywhere in the house!


Portable Air Cooler


✓  Specifications :

Type: Multifunctional Air Cooler

Color: Black+White

Material: ABS+PC

Light: 7-Color LED


Net Weight:About 970g

Wind Speed:80CF/2.4-3m/s

Water Tank Capacity:430ml

Mini Fan : 1255,12Vda, 0.3A, 2700rpm

Adapter Input:100-240V, 50-60Hz

Power Interface: Micro USB

✓  Package List :

1* Air cooler

1* USB cable

1* User manual


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Portable Air Cooler

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