Car Vacuum Cleaner

Original price was: $115.20.Current price is: $47.99.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Original price was: $115.20.Current price is: $47.99.


Car Vacuum Cleaner


Are your kids, pets, and friends causing a mess in your car? You can’t always take your vehicle to be deep cleaned because that costs a lot of money and time, and you know that cleaning it yourself with the usual tools are never enough; dust and pet hair will forever lurk around your car seats. But that’s about to change…


Car Vacuum Cleaner


Introducing the Car Vacuum Cleaner that has the most powerful suction abilities out there! In a matter of minutes, your car will be spotless from any dust, dirt, hair, and even beverages. This Car Vacuum Cleaner has five different nozzles for different cleaning emergencies, and it is also cordless and very comfortable to hold, which will help you clean tight and hard-to-reach places easily. When it needs to charge, just plug it to the cigarette lighter, and you will be set to go. Just store it in your car trunk and have it ready whenever your kid or a friend spills a drink!


 Enjoy having a spotless car all the time with the great Car Vacuum Cleaner!

Car Vacuum Cleaner


✓  The car vacuum cleaner provides powerful suction and can clean everything, even the dust hidden in the deep of your car seats.

✓  Powerful suction that can clean both dry and wet surfaces.

✓  5 different types of nozzles to meet all of your cleaning needs.

✓  Handheld cordless design for easy cleaning and more convenience.


Car Vacuum Cleaner


✓  Durable lithium batteries that can achieve a continuous use time of 20 minutes and a lifespan of 5 years.

✓  Waterproof & reusable HEPA filters that can lock dirt and dust inside for easy and quick disposal.

✓  Portable, lightweight & comfortable to hold for easy cleaning experience.

✓  Suitable for all carpets, pet hair, keyboards, hard-to-reach places, spilled beverages, and more.


Car Vacuum Cleaner


✓  Specifications :

Color: Black / White
Working voltage: 12V
Rated power: 120W
Suction power: 5000pa

[ Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner]
Battery type: Lithium-Ion battery
Battery voltage: 7.2V
Battery capacity: 2200MAH
Battery charger: 100V-240V AC
Charging port: USB


Car Vacuum Cleaner

✓  Package List :

1* Vacuum Cleaner
2* Connector
1* Flat Nozzle
1* Brush Nozzle
1* Convert Adapter
1* Extension Flex Hose


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Car Vacuum Cleaner

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