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Driver Anti Sleep Alarm

Original price was: $43.35.Current price is: $28.90.

Driver Anti Sleep Alarm

Original price was: $43.35.Current price is: $28.90.



Did you know that inadequate sleep proved to be one of the major causes of fatal accidents on the road? If you tend to drive at night or for long-distance, this Anti Sleep Driver Alarm is for you!


Anti-Sleep Alarm | Mexten Product Is Of High Quality


With this portable, lightweight, and battery-operated Anti-sleep Alarm, you can drive safely and avoid terrible car accidents that can take your life away! The device easily hooks onto your ear and beeps whenever you tilt your head or fall asleep, keeping you safe and focused on the road!


Get YOURS to keep yourself and the people you love safe and sound!

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✓  Easily hooks onto your ear and beeps whenever you tilt your head in the degrees of 15° to 20°. 

✓  Features an on & off button, making it easy for you to control.

✓  Powered by rechargeable AG3 button cell batteries (included), providing you with long using time on the road.


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✓  Easy to use and comfortable to wear and help you avoid dozing off while on the road.

✓  Simple yet efficient, featuring a  standard fit and ergonomic design.


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✓  Suitable for long-distance driving or night driving.

✓  Made of high-quality material, lightweight, portable, comfortable, and won’t cause any pain or inconvenience.


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✓  Specifications :

Color: Black

Weight: Approx 14 g

Size :Approx 5.8*5.5cm

Powered by:  AG3 button cell batteries(included)


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✓  Package List :


1* Anti-sleep Alarm






Driver Anti Sleep Alarm

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