WiFi Door Sensor

Original price was: $79.98.Current price is: $39.99.

WiFi Door Sensor

Original price was: $79.98.Current price is: $39.99.


WiFi Door Sensor

Are you always worried about your home and family? When you are away or sleeping deeply, thieves may break into your home silently, get what they want, and you wouldn’t know unless it’s too late! It’s important to be aware of everything happening in order to stay safe, which is why you need the Wifi Door Sensor!


WiFi Door Sensor


The Wifi Door Sensor is an intelligent device that will always alarm you if someone opened your doors or windows. As soon as a stranger gets into your home, you will receive a notification on your phone and hear a loud alarm. Also, in case you forgot if you have closed your doors or not, just check the app on your phone and the Wifi Door Sensor will let you know. You can even place the Wifi Door Sensor on your closet where you keep your valuables to make sure no one comes closer!

Sleep like a baby at night knowing that your home is 100% protected with the Wifi Door Sensor!


WiFi Door Sensor


✓  The Wifi door sensor will make sure that your home is well-secured by monitoring your door, windows, and closets.

✓  Easy control using your mobile phone as the Wifi door sensor will send notifications directly to your phone.

✓  Free app that is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, etc.


WiFi Door Sensor


✓  Easy installation & wire-free to easily attach it to any flat surface.

✓  Powered by batteries that can last up to 8 months when they are new.

✓  Intelligent, compact & replaceable to protect the gate, window, or even the cabinet you need to be protected.


WiFi Door Sensor


✓  Specifications :

Battery: CR2 3V X1
Protocol: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Wireless range: 50m
Standby time: 6-8 months
Wireless type: 2.4GHz
Net weight: 25.4g
Size: 70*21*20mm, 50*11*16mm

WiFi Door Sensor

✓  Package List :

1* Wifi door sensor

1* User manual


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WiFi Door Sensor

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