Smart Tracking Gimbal


Smart Tracking Gimbal



Smart Tracking Gimbal

Do you want to upgrade your photography skills? Vlog your days in an easier, more professional way? Or just capture beautiful photos easily?


Smart Tracking Gimbal


What you need is the Smart Tracking Gimbal that has an innovative built-in algorithm that will allow you to take fascinating pictures hands-free! This Tracking Gimbal can follow the movement of objects, recognize faces, and automatically take beautiful panoramas without the need to adjust or even come close to it. It’s true, the Smart Tracking Gimbal can bring you the highest photo experience in the best way possible!


Smart Tracking Gimbal


✓  The smart tracking gimbal will help you capture incredible pictures by following objects automatically.

✓  360° rotation with no dead angles for easier and convenient use.


Smart Tracking Gimbal


✓  Object tracking & automatic face recognition in real-time, so it follows the displacement of objects to automatically take interesting pictures.

✓  AI composition that can automatically perform professional composition optimization processing on people and pets.


Smart Tracking Gimbal


✓  Durable, soft silicone & elastic grip to keep your phone protected and well mounted.

✓  Suitable for all android and iPhone devices.

Smart Tracking Gimbal


✓  Compatible with all smartphones that are 56-100mm.

✓  Ideal for vlog shooting, short video recordings, adventure shots, daily selfies, and more.


Smart Tracking Gimbal


✓  Specifications :

Material: ABS

Color: Black/White

Fit for Phone: 56-100mm

Angle: 360° horizontal, 37° vertical flip up and down

Power supply: 2000mAh

Working time: about 50 hours

Size: 17*8.5*8.5cm (L x W x H)

Weight : 230g


Smart Tracking Gimbal


✓  Package List :

1*Smart Face Tracking Gimbal

1*User Manual


Smart Tracking Gimbal



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Smart Tracking Gimbal

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