Multifunctional Electric Heating Pad

Original price was: $99.98.Current price is: $49.99.

Multifunctional Electric Heating Pad

Original price was: $99.98.Current price is: $49.99.


Are you tired of dealing with aching muscles and joints that hold you back from your daily activities? Look no further than our Fast Heating and 3 Therapeutic Settings heating pad.


Multifunctional Electric Heating Pad


With the ability to heat up in seconds, you’ll have the option to choose from 3 different temperatures for a custom heat therapy session. Take it with you to work or use it at home, this heating pad is designed to soothe your aching muscles so you can focus on your day. Featuring double-sided washable flannel for maximum comfort, the plastic button design is tailored to fit the neck and shoulder area, providing targeted relief for those overused, inflamed muscles and joints.


Get Your heating pad, and live pain-free!

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You can use it to treat back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, leg soreness, etc.

Comfortable and therapeutic; you can use 3 different temperature levels.


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Machine washable; it’s easy to clean and pack for your travels.

Safe and smart, it features 2hrs Auto-Off to protect your kids or pets.


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Say goodbye to pain and stiffness in the shoulder and neck, back, arms, legs, abdomen and more.

Enjoy increased blood flow and relaxed muscles in no time.


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Material: Cotton

Power: 51-75W


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1 X Heating Pad

1 x Controller

Multifunctional Electric Heating Pad

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