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Magnetic Power Bank

Original price was: $79.98.Current price is: $39.99.

Magnetic Power Bank

Original price was: $79.98.Current price is: $39.99.


Tired of your phone dying in the middle of the day almost every day? Imagine the freedom to charge your device wirelessly anytime, anywhere, even if there is no outlet nearby.


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Now, you’ll own a never-dying device with the revolutionary Magnetic Power Bank! Everywhere you go, you will be able to charge your device wirelessly, quickly, and safely. It easily connects to the bottom of any smartphone, all of the iPhones, Androids, and Type-C devices can be charged perfectly with this Power Bank. So, just say goodbye to the messy restrictive charger cables and bulky power banks forever!


Change your charging habits for the better with The Magnetic Power Bank. Own yours today!

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✓  Wireless charging to always provide power to your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

✓  Strong magnetic adsorption to ensure your phone is plugged. No more wires to deal with!


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✓  Lightweight & portable power bank to easily carry with you anywhere.

✓  Dustproof, durable & premium quality to ensure the longevity of the power bank.


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✓ Compatible with all Apple, Android, and Type-C devices.

✓  Fast & efficient charging to help your phone be charged two times faster than traditional power banks.

✓  Great gift idea for your friend, partner, child, parent, etc.


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✓ Specifications :

Output range:

Type-C/Apple/ Android Output Voltage: 4.75-5.25VDC

Type-C/Apple/ Android output current: 1.2A

DM: 1.9-2.1V

DP: 2.5-2.70V

No-load standby current: ≤200uA

Output power: 6.0W

Average efficiency: >70%

Type-C output ripple: ≤250mV p-p

Battery capacity: 3.7V/2600mA

GaN: No

Max. Output Power: 10W

Output Interface: USB

Output Interface: Type C

Power Source: USB

Quality Certification: CCC, CE, ROHS, FCC

Input: 5V/2A


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✓  Package List :

1* Mini power bank

3* Magnetic suctions

1* Magnetic cable

1* User manual

1* Cable




Magnetic Power Bank

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