Electric Racket Mosquito Killer

Original price was: $122.20.Current price is: $59.89.

Electric Racket Mosquito Killer

Original price was: $122.20.Current price is: $59.89.


Electric Racket Mosquito Killer

According to INSEE, mosquitoes are the first killer bugs in the world with a total of 725,000 victims every year! These little bugs are not only dangerous, but they are extremely annoying and can prevent you from sleeping peacefully at night.

Electric Racket Mosquito Killer

Get rid of them once and for all with the Electric Racket Mosquito that can kill any flying bug instantly! You don’t have to use harmful chemical fogging and repellent lotions anymore because this Electric Mosquito Killer is a lifesaver. You can use it manually by hitting the mosquito directly, or put it on charge and let the powerful ultraviolet light waves get to them all. You and your family will be completely safe because this Mosquito Killer was carefully designed to protect you!

Discover the convenience and ease of this Mosquito Killer and enjoy your summer mosquito-free!

Electric Racket Mosquito Killer

✓  The electric racket mosquito killer will get rid of all the annoying bugs quickly and effectively.

✓  2 working modes: Manual and intelligent. You can slap mosquitoes directly or allow the ultraviolet light waves to kill mosquitoes when the racket is charging.

✓  100% safe voltage for humans but extremely strong for mosquitoes and flies.

Electric Racket Mosquito Killer

✓  3-layers mesh, no-current to prevent electric shock & double insurance switch to ensure your safety.

✓  Built-in rechargeable battery that is durable and can be used up to 30 days on manual mode.

✓  Racket design to easily get the mosquitoes and to add a little fun, too.

Electric Racket Mosquito Killer

✓  Specifications :

Material: ABS
Lithium battery: 1200mAh
UV wavelength: 360-400nm
Charging current: 60 ± 20mA
Rated power: 5W
Size: 50 * 18 * 3.3cm/19.69*7.09*1.30

Electric Racket Mosquito Killer

✓  Package List :

1* Electric mosquito killer

1* USB charging cable


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Electric Racket Mosquito Killer

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