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Electric Paint Sprayer

Original price was: $119.85.Current price is: $79.90.

Electric Paint Sprayer

Original price was: $119.85.Current price is: $79.90.


So you want to paint your weather-worn fence but have been postponing it for weeks? It does sound like such a hassle if you have other things to take care of.


Electric Paint Sprayer


But worry not anymore because the Electric Paint Sprayer will paint your fences, walls, car, and furniture perfectly (no more uneven painting) and in no time! Also, you can control the amount of paint and the directions— circular, vertical, horizontal — depending on the shape of the object you’re painting.


Waste no time & paint like a pro with the Electric Paint sprayer!

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✓  600w hvlp 1000ml Ultra-high power & speed that helps you spray paint rapidly and efficiently.

✓  4 nozzles that spray different types of paint; thin paints like varnish or sealer and lastX paint & chalk type paint.

✓  Adjustable 3 spray patterns; horizontal 90°, vertical 180°, & circular 45° to match different shapes (turn the air cap to adjust the angle).


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✓  Adjustable flow through the flow control knob to control the amount of spraying pigments & paint uniformly.

✓  Adjustable length through length control knob; control the length according to the spraying environment & reduce waste.

✓  Easy to set up, adjust, and use so it will not waste your time.


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✓  Detachable & easy to clean; you can easily assemble/disassemble (insert cleaning brush into the nozzle & slightly pull to remove the nozzle), clean, and store it.

✓   Portable & compact; you can easily carry it or transport it anywhere.

✓  Multifunctional; suitable for indoor & outdoor use (furniture spraying, wall spraying, fence spraying, workshop, car, etc).


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✓  Specifications :

Power type: Electric

Voltage: 100-120 / 220-230V

Diameter: 2.6 mm

Input power: 600W

Sprinkler capacity: 1200ml/min


Weight: 1.9Kg



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✓  Package list  :

1* Electric Paint Sprayer




Electric Paint Sprayer

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