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Curious Kids Mini Microscope

Original price was: $58.35.Current price is: $38.90.

Curious Kids Mini Microscope

Original price was: $58.35.Current price is: $38.90.


If your child is starting to ask questions, it’s time for you to fuel their curiosity even more! You can raise a smart child by choosing the toys that can feed the child’s curiosity — toys like Curious Kids Mini Microscope!


Curious Kids Mini Microscope


This microscope is equipped with glass slides, crystal clear lenses, and a LED light that does not hurt the eyes, the perfect gift for children (8 years and older) needing a little microscope for school or to inspect their surroundings at any given time! Plus, it’s small, and your kid can fit it in any pocket. 


Feed your child’s curiosity, order the mini microscope!

Curious Kids Mini Microscope


Equipped with glass slides that are professional and reliable so your kids can enjoy seeing the smallest objects.

Small and compact, so it’s suitable for home use and teaching, and your kid can carry it anywhere.


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LED lights that are safe for the child’s eyes and that work with a double battery.

Mobile phone holder that you can fix with the microscope to observe in real-time and share the beautiful new world with the world.


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Specifications :

Material: ABS

Packing size: 16.6*24.5*6.3CM

Product weight: 0.3kg

Applicable age: over eight years old



Package List :

1* microscope

1* bench stand

1* hand Machine stand

1* stage

2* slides




Curious Kids Mini Microscope

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