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Cat LED Laser Toy


Cat LED Laser Toy



If you have a cat, you know how much he likes to chase laser lights. You also know that he has more energy than you and after a while, you’re tired of playing with him. So, if you want to keep him entertained, your cat needs a Cat LED Laser Toy!


Cat LED Laser Toy


This Cat LED Laser Toy is the ultimate fun for your cat! With automatic laser rotation that can be projected on the floor or wall, your cat will have hours of exercise ahead. You can customize the laser settings for faster, slower, bigger, or smaller circles, depending on your cat style. It’s perfect for cats with lots of energy that stay at home alone for large hours during the day because it has a timer and will work even when you’re not at home. Its motor is very silent and works with 4 AA batteries or a USB cable for endless fun!


Your cat will love its new toy and if you love your cat, you really need to get him this Cat LED Laser Toy.

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✓  LED Laser that can be displayed on floors or walls

✓  5 range of speed & range settings that you can customize according to your cat’s style.

✓  A silent motor that works with 4 AA batteries or a USB cable for endless fun.


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✓  Automatic laser rotation so that your cat can have fun by himself.

✓  An adjustable timer that can be set up for when he’s home alone.

✓  High-quality plastic material, durable & resistant ABS that won’t break even if your cat knocks it down (when placed on the ground).


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✓  Safe & harmless cat toy to animal and human eyes

✓  Perfect for cats with lots of energy and need extra exercise.


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✓  Specifications :

Material: Premium Plastics+ABS

Color: White

Light source: LED

Battery: Dual power (4 AA batteries USB power)

Size: 18.5cm/7.28″*6.5cm/2.56″*6.5cm/2.56″


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✓  Package List :

1* Cat Led Laser Toy (batteries not included)




Cat LED Laser Toy
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