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Car Smart Emoji LED Display

Original price was: $89.85.Current price is: $59.90.

Car Smart Emoji LED Display

Original price was: $89.85.Current price is: $59.90.


The driver behind you is annoyingly honking at you, but you can’t tell them the reason why you can’t move? This is one of the most frustrating moments while being on the road.

We found a way to communicate on the road in a less risky and more fun way. This is the Car Emoji LED Display that allows you to say anything through Emojis. There are more than 17 different Emojis to choose from wirelessly and safely. You can show them what’s going on the road or simply make them smile with a rose or smiley face.


Mojipic ‧ The World's First Voice-Controlled Emoji Car Display | FORTRESS豐澤


✓  AI intelligent interaction for a safer and fun drive.

✓  Custom graphics that provide more than 17 dynamic Emojis to display.


Car Smart Emoji LED Display


✓  LED resolution up to 512 dot matrix for clear displays.

✓  Wireless & easy control with advanced 5.0 Bluetooth that allows long connection distance that is greater than 19.68ft/6m.


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✓  Built-in rechargeable battery with low consumption mode and provide over 70 times of daily usage.

✓  180-degree rotation LED display that is firm and stable.

✓  Easy & convenient to install; you just need to mount it with the suction cups.


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✓  Specifications :

Name: Car emoji lights

Certification: CE

Voltage: 5V

Bluetooth: 5.0

Material: ABS
Power: USB 5V/1.0A charging
LED resolution: up to 512 dot matrix
Size: 12.5×6.3×20.2cm/4.92×2.48×7.95in



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✓  Package List

1* Car fun LED display




Car Smart Emoji LED Display

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