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Bluetooth Gamer Headset

Original price was: $77.80.Current price is: $38.90.

Bluetooth Gamer Headset

Original price was: $77.80.Current price is: $38.90.


Every gamer tries out dozens of wired & wireless headsets before they settle for an ok one. But you don’t have to waste money & time anymore on “ok” headsets because the brand new Bluetooth Gamer Headset is here to meet your all gaming needs.




This is a dual-mode headset that emits sound in 2 different ways: earbuds & embedded speakers. It’s compatible with Android & iPhone allowing you to not only upgrade your gaming style but also enjoy outdoor sports listening to music!


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✓  Bluetooth headset of 10-20m transmission distance, letting you move around during gaming sessions.

✓  Dual-mode, dual decoding offering multi-functions for mobile users; emitting sound through headphones & speakers.

✓  Low power consumption with 65 MS for zero lag; the battery capacity is 40mAh & battery life lasts 6 hours.


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✓  9D stereo sound to enjoy the maximum sound quality.

✓  3-Hole mic that lets you have HD calls (has good RF & EMI).

✓  HD intelligent noise reduction so you can stay focused & limit distraction.


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✓  Compatible with Android & iPhones so you can play games on your phone or just listen to music anwyhere.

✓  Easy to use with one-key operation so you won’t accidentally press the wrong keys & waste time!


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✓  Blue breathing LED lights that bling momentary to make you aware that your cell phone is active.

✓  Professional material that will withstand time and even the wildest gaming lifestyle!


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✓  Specifications :

Color: black & silver

Headphones working frequency: 2.400ghz-2.480ghz

Headphones transmission distance: 10-20m

Headphones battery capacity: 40mAh

Bin loading capacity: 300mah

Music battery life: about 6 hours

Talk time: about 6 hours

Charging interface: Type-C interface

Charging current: 5V-1A

Charging time: 1-2 hours



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✓  Package list :

1 * a pair of Bluetooth headphones

1 * cargo box

1 * charging cable

1 * User Manual

2 * ear cap




Bluetooth Gamer Headset

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