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Anti-spill Suction Mug

Original price was: $58.35.Current price is: $38.90.

Anti-spill Suction Mug

Original price was: $58.35.Current price is: $38.90.


You’ve been there: accidentally knocking off the coffee mug and splashing coffee all over your floor, furniture, or worse, your work laptop or documents! There is a solution for all that: The Anti-spill Suction Mug!



This mug saves your belongings from splashes and spills before they happen by firmly gripping to any flat surface, resisting knocks and hits. But, you can lift it easily to have a sip without any resistance. Plus, it keeps your beverages hot/cold for a long time!


You try knocking it off all you want; it won’t fall or spill! Order now!

Anti-Spill Suction Mug – giraffefive


Intelligent Suction Design allows it to stay steadfast and secure when knocked or banged by sudden force.

Non-slip rubber & extra leak-proof lid that keeps your beverage in at all times!


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BPA free with Thin Wall Insulation: Keeps hot drinks up to 6 hours and cold drinks up to 24 hours

Safe & durable food-grade material.

It’s easy to carry, dirt-resistant, and with a large handle design!


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Material: Glass

Weight: 420g



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Package List:

1*Anti-spill Suction Mug




Anti-spill Suction Mug

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