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All In One Pen

Original price was: $25.80.Current price is: $12.90.

All In One Pen

Original price was: $25.80.Current price is: $12.90.


Are you a handy person with many home improvements and projects to do? You have to have this…


6-in-1 Multi-Function Ballpoint Pen – Ruler, Screwdriver, Stylus & Level


This is an All In One Pen to provide you with everything you could ever need! You don’t need to carry that heavy toolbox around because you will have all those tools in your pocket in one compact and lightweight pen. It’s brilliantly and beautifully designed with your comfort in mind to make all the hard work easy.


6-IN-1 Multifunction Ballpoint Pen –


✓  Heavy duty pen with everything you can need, including a handy tablet or smartphone stylus, a sturdy screwdriver, a bubble level, a universal inch/cm ruler and a handy Phillips screwdriver flathead bit.

✓  Durable, lightweight & hard-to-break pen due to its high-quality material.


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✓  Compact & ergonomic pen to keep in your pocket and use with extreme comfort.

✓  Expertly designed to be a unique gift for your handy father, husband, and brother.


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✓  Specifications :

Color: Silver, Black


Penholder: plastic

Pen clip: metal

Screwdriver: metal


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✓  Package List :

1* All In One Pen




All In One Pen

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