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Air Purifying Necklace

Original price was: $65.80.Current price is: $32.90.

Air Purifying Necklace

Original price was: $65.80.Current price is: $32.90.


Are you certainly certain that the air you breathe is fresh and clean?! If you don’t already own an air purifier, that means it’s time to get one – preferably a portable purifier so you can breathe clean air wherever you go! And preferably, it should be the Air Purifying Necklace!


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This mini air purifier can be hung around your neck as a necklace while removing allergens and other pollutants from the air you breathe, wherever you are indoors. It can clear the air quickly, in only 15 seconds, to reduce harmful air.


Order yourself some fresh air!

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Brand new and high-quality air purifier that reduces allergies by clearing the air in only 15 seconds!

The negative ion concentration can be adjusted, and the highest grade negative ion concentration can reach 150 million per cubic centimeter.


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Safe with no noise, no radiation, and no consumables.

Mini, light, and USB rechargeable to use anytime!


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Specifications :

Material: ABS + PC

Voltage: DC5V

Power: < 1W

Current: < 50mA

Battery capacity: 700mAh

Weight: 46 grams

Negative ion release: >8*107 ions/cm3



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Package List :

1* Air Purifying Necklace




Air Purifying Necklace

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