4 In 1 Hand Crank Radio

Original price was: $89.80.Current price is: $44.90.

4 In 1 Hand Crank Radio

Original price was: $89.80.Current price is: $44.90.


4 In 1 Hand Crank Radio

When you plan an outdoor adventure, there are 3 important things you need to pack: A powerful flashlight, a power bank, and a radio for your entertainment! So what if you can have these 3 in one small, easy to carry, and multifunctional device?


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The waterproof4 in 1 hand crank radio can be the survival kit that will also alarm you when a hurricane or rain is coming! You can power the hand crank radio by solar light, plug it into a computer, or manually with the hand crank. Even blackouts won’t be an issue anymore with the remarkable solar power bank, flashlight & radio!


4 In 1 Hand Crank Radio


✓  4 in 1 hand-crank radio is the emergency tool that can charge your electronics, turn on powerful 3 LED flashlights, tell you the weather, and let you listen to your favorite radio stations!

✓  Multiple ways to power the radio – hand crank, solar light or connect it to a computer with the mini USB cable.


4 In 1 Hand Crank Radio


✓  Hurricane indicator – This smart solar power bank will alarm you when a hurricane is coming to help you be prepared.

✓  IPX3 Waterproof so you can have a flashlight, phone charger, weather indicator, and radio everywhere and anytime!

✓  Compact, lightweight & portable to have your own survival kit everywhere.


4 In 1 Hand Crank Radio


✓  Specifications :

AM: 520-1600kHz
FM: 87-108 MHz, 76-90 MHz
NOAA: 162.400 ~ 162.550 MHz
Flashlight: 3 flashlight
Battery voltage: 2.5-4.2V
Charging method: hand crank, solar charging, USB charging
Built-in battery: 103035-Polymer (better than Li-ion)
USB charging time: 2.5-3h
Hand crank charging time: 2-2.5h
Solar charging time: 35-40h
1 minute hand crank lighting time: 5min
1 minute hand crank radio time: 3min
Fully charged radio time: 5-7h
Fully charged lighting time: 9-10h
SOS alarm: NO
NOAA alarm: NO
Flashlight: YES
Reading light: NO
Waterproof level: IPX3
Appearance color: Black, Red
Packing size: 160 * 70 * 60mm
Weight: 260g


4 In 1 Hand Crank Radio



✓  Package list :

1*Hand Crank Radio
1* USB Charging Cable
1* User Manual


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4 In 1 Hand Crank Radio

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