3 In 1 USB Charging Cable

Original price was: $29.98.Current price is: $14.99.

3 In 1 USB Charging Cable

Original price was: $29.98.Current price is: $14.99.


You need a charger for all your devices – that’s how you reach peak practicality. The 3 In 1 USB Charging Cable has three fast-charging interfaces for Android, Apple, and Type-C interface to charge multiple devices while on the go, including those of your family or friends!




The high-quality, strong, retractable cables and sleek, anti-rust design also make it very durable. When not in use, the cables remain hidden in the box, so you’ll never deal with tangled cables again!


Order yours and enjoy the practical life!



Eliminate the need to carry multiple chargers on travels.

✓  Always have a charger for friends or family’s devices.


3in1 USB Charger3.jpg


✓  Save time by charging multiple devices at once, fast.

✓  Cords are packed neatly in its mini box when not in use.

✓  Plugs never break due to retractable design + super portable!


3in1 USB Charger13.jpg



Texture of Material: TPE

Length: 1.1m

Interface: For IP / Micro / Type-c

Color: As shown


3in1 USB Charger10.jpg


Package List:

1 x 3 in 1 USB Charging Cable




3 In 1 USB Charging Cable

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