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1080p Mini Android Smart Projector

Original price was: $598.00.Current price is: $299.00.

1080p Mini Android Smart Projector

Original price was: $598.00.Current price is: $299.00.


Need a better projector to watch movies or hold high-quality presentations? Look no further than the 1080p Mini Android Smart Projector with crips images and clear sound, and a four-way keystone correction that prevents image distortion no matter where the projector is placed.




Order your smart projector, stay smart!

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✓ Crisp, clear images without the need for expensive filters.

✓ Anti-dust and anti-overheating, making it a durable projector.


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✓ Portable and lightweight – easy to carry around with you.

✓ Suitable for use in a variety of scenarios and locations.


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✓ Produces high-quality audio and visual effects.

✓ Contrast 1280*720 resolution compatible with 4K decoding, so you can enjoy your movies and shows in stunning high definition.


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✓ 1920*1080 physical resolution ensures every detail is captured.

✓ Get more use out of your projector with side projection.

✓ Four-way keystone correction for a square image regardless of projector placement


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Physical resolution 1080P

Projection Size: 40-120 inch

Product Weight: 900g


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1 x projector


1080p Mini Android Smart Projector

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